Christopher’s proposal to Elizabeth is that of a fairytale. The beautiful couple got engaged while at a castle in Europe, and wanted their wedding flowers to not only reflect their elegant style, but also the rich natural style of their engagement.bouquet

Williams-Kinney wedding

Williams-Kinney Wedding | Day-after Bride & GroomCongratulations to the happy couple!

“When I am King you should be Queen”

Photography: Benita Cloward at BRC photography


DillyLily_071714_15Our lovely bride wears a long fitted blue mermaid style dress that compliments the lush earthy greens that covers her tablescape.



Our forest themed look has accents of succulents , peacock feathers, and blue mercury glass. The barked wood containers, driftwood, ferns, and moss add to the woodsy aesthetics of the photo shoot.  Instead of a traditional white dress this bride chose blue embrace the dress her mother wore almost 30 years ago for her wedding. The orchids were the first flower she fell in love with on her journey to becoming a floral designer. 


 To get married with Dilly Lily flowers, surrounded by nature would be a dream come true. 


Flowers:  Dilly Lily 

Photographer:  Kirsten Miccoli 

Makeup:  Holly Pink

Model: Brittney Kee



With the Summer sun in full force we have the opportunity to fully support Chicagoland’s natural flower farms. Our local growers deliver the freshest summer flowers in bright and abundant colors! We take pride of not only having beautiful unique flowers in our bouquets, but also supporting our natural local partners whenever possible. Take a look below at what they brought us this week!



Picking from our favorite local fresh flowers, Christine Noelle put together this bridal, garden bouquet– perfect for any casual Summer Wedding! 

Happy Summer!





May 16th, 2011

Shot of the Day


A little Illy coffee. The newest Weddings Unveiled Magazine, and conversation with my Peony.

A lovely way to start the day!

Once used as a forcast flower, Helleborus told the people of the upcoming weather. Cut and placed in a vase they were left to either open or close. If the flower stayed closed, the people were warned of the bad weather to come. If they opened, it was sign that the season would be good!

Ours at the shop are open! With spring around the corner we are listening to the Helleborus and awaiting the wonderful weather. Hope they are right!

December 3rd, 2009

Buzz | Shot of the Day


A custom holiday wreath from the Dilly Lily. It is made up of Magnolia leaves, Honey Locust beans, angel hair, pears and a sweet PEACE sign garland from Sarah Lugg. Natural and sweet. As the big snowflakes begin to fall, we are wishing you all a peaceful holiday sesason.

November 26th, 2009

Buzz | Shot of the Day

There was a lot of hustle and bustle at the shop today where the Dilly Lily’s were making spectacular floral centerpieces that could take your breath away! It was so nice to see all your smiling faces. We are all very thankful at the Dilly Lily and counting our many blessings. Looking forward to spending time with our family and friends, hope you are too!


November 2nd, 2009

Buzz | Shot of the Day

Just a little party from late summer – simple and sweet! They even made their own olives as wedding favors!

October 15th, 2009

Buzz | Shot of the Day

Fall is in the air today – to say the least- but happily the hardy hedge apple returns to Chicago.
They were thought to be eaten by giant ground sloths that are now extinct.
We have added them to this beautiful floral arrangement to brighten someones day.

Hope it works!

October 13th, 2009

Buzz | Shot of the Day

We were so excited to create the little terrariums and tablescapes from the mushrooms and woodland treasures that we gathered from Mary’s family farm in Galena, IL. Nature is so inspiring! You could almost see the little gnomes- I hope they come out and help us wash the buckets and clean the tools tonight!

you can see more pictures here.

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