An Indian Celebration at the Fairmont Hotel

“I knew I was in the best of all possible hands the day I first called Dilly Lily and my enthusiasm never faltered at any point, between our first meeting and last song of the wedding reception. Not only did you listen to me describe Ashish’s and my patchwork vision and turn it into something stunningly beautiful, memorable, unique and consistent with the look we were going for, you were thoughtful, FUN to work with, flexible, prompt, always responsive and usually two steps ahead of me. Thank you to all of the wonderful souls at Dilly Lily for making our day gorgeous, memorable, filled with flowers we love (including one FABULOUS bouquet) and overflowing with compliments from all of our guests! You’re the best thing that could possibly happen to a busy bride.”

The Fairmont Hotel, Chicago |
Photography by Amarais Giselle Photography |

Congratulations to Amanda and Ashish! Your wedding was such a beautiful celebration to be a part of. Full of color and traditional