Meet the new Dilly Lilies

So much has changed here at the Dilly Lily!  We have said goodbye to a couple of our favorite girls as they embark on their next adventure. As we sadly say good bye, we are so excited for our new ladies.

Floral Designer


I’m a born and raised Chicago gal! I’ve been creating for the majority of my life and have focused on flowers for the last three years. I have a passion for design and all things creative!


I have just recently returned to Chicago and am very happy to be part of the Dilly Lily family! Art and design have always been a passion. I am excited to be able to apply that love of design to flowers and arragements at the Dilly Dily.


Originally from Cincinnati, but have been in Chicago for 2 years now! Event planning has always been a hobby of mine and my curosity about the floral industry has led me to the Dilly Lily. I’m excited to learn from the best!


I am your go to social media gal! I am a recent transplant from California and loving Chicago so far. I have always been amazing how alone flowers are beautiful but when put together can create something truly spectacular. I love all things fun, creative and cute!


Stop by and say hello to all the new faces!

Have a Dilly Lily day!