Just Like Cotton Candy

We received the most beautiful hydrangeas from Holland today, so big and fluffy and pink!

Just like cotton candy from the Fair – Don’t miss it!


Tricks of the Trade: Prolonging the life of Hydrangeas by HydrangeasHydrangeas

“Have you ever cut hydrangeas blooms and put them into a vase of water only to have them wilt within an hour or two? This seems to be caused by a sticky substance that clogs the stems, preventing moisture from reaching the blooms. This does not happen every time. Cut-hydrangeas often last for days and other times they will wilt almost immediately after being added to an arrangement.”

There are several remedies for a wilted hydrangea, at the Dilly Lily, we use the hot water method.

1. Have a vase ready and filled with room temperature water and appropriate flower food mix

2. Immediately upon receiving your hydrangeas give them a fresh cut with a clean straight knife – it is best to remove about 1″ of the stem and cut at an angle

3. Dip the end of the stems into a cup of hot (yes, hot) water

4. Place directly in the room temperature vase and arrangeĀ