Bridal Brunch Photo Shoot

Dilly Lily was invited to style the florals for his years Glossed&Found’s bridal brunch, and what a charming brunch it was! 

_L3A5187-EditA beautiful Spring Dilly Lily mix of ivory and yellows. We arranged white tulips, poppies and ranunculus among a fresh mound of mini green hydrangeas, ivy, yellow roses and fluffy mimosa.

_L3A5299A white ceramic spiked vase was the perfect modern vessel to hold a bundle of white hydrangea, ivy, mimosa, and yellow poppies. The perfect arrangement to look at while sipping your afternoon tea!

_L3A5312Caramelized Cauliflower with a side of poppies!

_L3A5421Beautiful floral and polka dot patterns provided by the talented Courtney Callahan.  


 The Citrus florals accented the delicious and colorful fruit, a great way to add some pops fun to a sunny bridal brunch! 

Photography: Timothy Musho

Creative Direction: Graham Kostic

Catering: Paramount Events

Paper: Courtney Callahan Paper

Rentals: Plate Vintage Crockery and Nimbel Well