As seen in Chicago Social

Flower Power: fresh ideas from Christine Gorman, Co-Owner of Dilly Lily. Pick up a flat of wheatgrass from a florist. Plant it in small, square glass containers and group them together to form a larger geometric shape. Inter space with votive candles and other blossoms. Or, arrange wheatgrass on any silver serving pieces – platters or – things you don’t plan to use, and place on the table as a centerpiece. If you have blossoming trees nearby ( apple, cherry, plum, dogwood and almond are all good choices ) create a centerpiece by cutting a few branches and simply laying them flat on the table. For a twist, hang them in the chandelier. Give each guest his or her own floral treat. Place an individual blossom, such as a cymbidium orchid, next to each plate. Float the flower in a glass jar or creamer, or even use it to hold place cards.