A love affair at Galleria Marchetti

Every once in awhile we like to find a hidden gem. The wedding of Meredith and Bob is just that find! They were married at the Galleria Marchetti in the summer of 2010. This tented outdoor wedding was simply elegant with fun whimsical elements like these wonderful birch chandeliers and creme lanterns. 

               Meredith’s carried an all white and ivory bouquet of calla lilies,  hydrangeas and fresh cut phaleonopsis orchid. Her bridesmaids wore navy dresses and carried hand tied bouquets of cymbidium, mini hydrangea, and hypericum in all shades of lime green to pop against their beautiful deep dresses. 

                         The personal touches were added to almost every part of the wedding right down to the cake. The cake was topped with fun bride and groom PEZ dispensers. 

All photos were taken by Brian Powers Potography

Have a Dilly Lily Day!