Dilly Lily Wedding at RM Champagne Salon in Chicago

All dressed up with So Dressed Up! at RM
All dressed up with So Dressed Up! at RM

This past weekend was all about our wedding at RM Champagne Salon for two our favorite Grooms – Graham and Fran! The tables were set with candelabras and family heirloom silver trophies filled with a mix of woodland ferns for a dressed up bohemian evening. Apparel designer Elise Bergman enhanced the scene with her custom yellow pennants that criss crossed the outdoor patio evening sky. And all the details were seamlessly coordinated by Katie of So Dressed Up events; including all the guests arriving by Rickshaw!  We cannot wait to see the real pictures….coming soon!

UPDATE: One year later… Happy Anniversary to Graham and Fran – What a fantastic couple! Their wedding was such a delight and a true expression of this fun-loving couple!

To see one of the cutest videos ever, click here! DGK & FXT GET HITCHED! 
Film and photography  by Casey Vange + Billy Rood

Venue: RM Champagne Salon
Planner: Katie Jackson-Meara, So Dressed Up
Floral: Dilly Lily
Entertainment: arranged by Danny Chaimson, Gold Coast All Stars
Rehearsal Dinner: A welcome reception was hosted at NoMi’s Garden
Invitations: Jessica Murnane
Tassels + Pennants: Elise Bergman


Fleurotica at the MCA

Fleurotica 2013 was an amazing experience for all of us at Dilly Lily and Christine Noelle Design.  We are so honored to be among the top 30 floral designers in Chicago.  The creative talent was jaw dropping and inspiring.

Our designers, Christine Noelle, Kelly Decker, Eric Phillips and Brittney Kee were greatly inspired by the artwork currently posted at the MCA.  As you can see in the pictures below, there is a strong juxtaposition between the two intricate garments .  Unrest (first image below) was inspired by Jason Lazarus’s Phase I/Live Archive, while the the lighter garment Concordia “with one heart” (last image below) strived to depict the serenity of an ideal, yet mythical, utopian society. 

Thank you Chicago Racked for the following beautiful images!
To hear and see more about this fashionable event, check out  Margaret O’Connors article in “i on the scene“. She was there mingling with all the chic and trendsetting supporters of the Garfield Park Conservatory and has captured the glamorous side of life.

CND Model 1CND model 2 DL Model 1

Thank you again to both the MCA for hosting this amazing event, and to the Garfield Park Conservatory for allowing a platform for us to be creative on.  We would also like to give a nod to Scarlet Pedal’s designer Sarah Anderson for creating the winning look “Mucha in the Fern Room!” 



See everyone at Fleurotica 2014!

group shot

Fleurotica 2013


Dilly Lily had an amazing time at FLEUROTICA 2013.  There was an abundance of talent this year and we are so grateful that we were among them. 

 We would like to first and foremost thank our beautiful hosts: Deirdre Koldyke, Shauna Montgomery, and Whitney Lasky, they did a fantastic job!  Thank you to the Fleurotica Committee, you did a wonderful job bringing us all together and giving us a platform to be creative. Thank you to the The Garfield Conservatory for providing their benefits, and to Museum of Contemporary Art.

Pictures coming soon!



Mother’s Day Celebration

We are celebrating Mother’s Day all weekend long. Come join us in the festivities!!


We have all you need for the very BEST mom. Cards, candles, plants in chalkboard vases and of course FLOWERS galore. We’ve got the door open all weekend so come on in!

Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday May 12th.

Have a Dilly Lily Day!

Happy Spring!


Well it’s official we’ve held out and spring has finally come. The bulbs are starting to blossom, the weather is slowly getting better and we couldn’t be more excited! 

We now have a spring fashionista is our window. She is dressed to the nines with feathers, antlers, butterflies, succulents, and quail eggs just to name a few… 


To help kick off the season we are celebrating the first few weeks with an “Early Bird” tulip special!! Come pick up a bunch to brighten up any room in your home or help make someones day. 


Happy Spring!

Have a Dilly Lily Day!



Who do you love?

We want to know who do you love this Valentines Day? 


Fill up this hat box with a lovely pave of roses. These hat boxes are not only a unique way to show off your flowers but also a place for them to hold those precious momentos.

hatbox                This Thursday is February 14th!

Valentines Day Feb 14th!

Who do you love?

It’s time to celebrate the lifetime lover, the best friend, the newlywed, the golden anniversary, the secret crush, the first date…
For whatever reason it might be don’t miss your chance to send that special someone flowers they will never forget!  
This Valentines Day is Thursday Feb. 14th!